Right now, most of us feel like we’ve lost all sense of control. And since there’s no guarantee when life will ever feel normal again, many people are seeking their own sense of security, whether it’s through baking comfort foods (read: banana bread ), trying out new craft projects , or gardening for the very first time . Interest in gardening , in particular, has surged in recent months in part due to seasonal changes, but also because of an increasing food supply anxiety amid the coronavirus outbreak. In late March, interest in growing a garden hit an all-time high, according to Google Trends , while searches for "growing vegetables from scraps" was up 4,650% from year’s past. Nurseries, home improvement stores, and gardening centers in all parts of the country report that seeds, plants, and gardening tools are flying off the shelves. George Ball, the chairman of Burpee Seeds, told Reuters that they sold more seeds in March than any time in its 144-year history, forcing the company to hold on new orders for one week to play catch up. Even social media reflects this growing demand: As of right now, the hashtag #victorygarden has been added to […]


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