green shipping Moving towards more environmentally friendly ― or green shipping ― is necessary. However, it is a formidable challenge, especially in our continent Asia, which accounts for the bulk of global shipping and port operations. The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has contributed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions ― and other negative externalities of the shipping activities. However, these may later bounce back to pre-pandemic levels and then continue to increase, if measures to mitigate the environmental impacts are not put in place. Green shipping – measures and pathways Technological innovations play a fundamental role in green shipping. The deployment of currently known technological, operational or energy-related innovations could make it possible to reach almost complete decarbonisation of maritime shipping by 2035 (source: International Trade Forum, 2018). Because of the complexity of shipping operations, one measure alone is very unlikely to be the most cost-effective way to achieve decarbonisation of shipping. Instead, a mixture of technological, operational and fuel-related measures is required. Different combinations of measures would generate different decarbonisation pathways, and the implementation of one measure might be incompatible with another. In addition to encouraging the use of new technologies, strong leadership by policymakers, setting clear decarbonisation and other […]


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