Denim manufacturer Saitex’s jeans are 85 per cent air-dried, saving electricity. Image: Saitex International Tempting as it may be for an industry reeling from global pandemic lockdowns, fashion companies should not shelve their sustainability investments, but should instead protect the human capital and relationships in their supply chains and maintain key social and environmental programmes. This was the call made by the Boston Consulting Group, Sustainable Apparel Coalition and technology company Higg Co in a recent report, Weaving a better future: Rebuilding a more sustainable fashion industry after Covid-19 . In the short term, fashion companies should avoid cancelling completed orders to prevent factory closures and impacts to workers, the authors said. They should engage in collaborative dialogue with suppliers on how to address issues such as the plunge in consumer spending, and preserve cash and liquidity. On the social and environmental front, companies can focus on fewer core activities and prioritise workforce protection, health and safety, and keep collecting social and environmental data, the report said. “What prompted the report were many questions from fashion companies evaluating what to do about the future of their sustainability programmes as the negative financial impacts from Covid-19 began moving through the […]


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