Air conditioners account for one-quarter of the electricity consumption in a typical Singaporean household. Turning your AC off can drastically reduce your carbon footprint. Image: Experts are estimating that global emissions this year will fall by 5.5 per cent of the global total in 2019—the largest ever fall in the last century—due to a drastic reduction in human activities as a result of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. While the planetary breather is the largest ever fall in emission levels in the last century, it is still nowhere near getting us to the 2-degree Celsius target nations committed under the Paris Agreement on climate change. But we don’t have to wait for a pandemic to take responsibility for our own carbon footprint. In Singapore, a new carbon footprint calculator has been launched by SP Group, one of the largest energy utilities companies in Asia Pacific. The tool helps consumers build awareness of their carbon footprint and suggest ways that they can reduce it. Called My Carbon Footprint , which can be accessed via the SP Utilities App, this calculator takes into account individuals’ utilities consumption (electricity, water and gas usage) and their lifestyle choices for a comprehensive overview of their […]


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