The original Nissan LEAF was one of the first pure electric vehicles available to US buyers, and it has remained one of the most successful EVs globally as well. Strangely, Nissan has waited nearly a decade to launch a follow-up act, but the wait seems like it’s nearly over. Yesterday, Cars_secrets posted new images from Japanese patent filings that seem to show the next Nissan electric car, and it’s the spitting image of last year’s the Ariya Concept crossover. Aimed squarely at the red-hot crossover segment, a production Nissan Ariya could have three times the demand as its compact hatchback LEAF brother, and that may make it a huge it, with at least one industry expert speculating the car could sell upwards of 10,000 copies a month . That is, of course, if the troubled Japanese carmaker can — you know — actually build that many of them . Still, production capacity will only be a problem if people want the thing– but take a look at the Ariya concept above and think about it. That doesn’t look (to me) like it would be out of place on any of America’s roads today, and that could mean that Nissan […]


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