CC BY 2.0 schizoform Whether it’s for emotional or financial reasons, more people are rejecting consumerism by refusing to shop unnecessarily. It’s been one year since American author Ann Patchett embarked on a no-shopping experiment. In an article for the New York Times , she describes her sense of disillusionment at the end of 2016 with the United States’ swing "in the direction of gold leaf, an ecstatic celebration of unfeeling billionaire-dom." To get as far away from that as possible, she went to the other extreme, a place of active resistance through non-consumption. Patchett created her own rules, inspired by a friend’s shopping ban. That’s the beauty about these self-directed lifestyle resolutions; they can be exactly what you want them to be. She writes : "I wanted a plan that was serious but not so draconian that I would bail out in February, so while I couldn’t buy clothing or speakers, I could buy anything in the grocery store, including flowers. I could buy shampoo and printer cartridges and batteries but only after I’d run out of what I had. I could buy plane tickets and eat out in restaurants. I could buy books because I write books […]


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