Mark Bollman, the founder of Ball and Buck , shared with us his step-by-step instructions for building a wood-fired hot tub. His log cabin, located deep the Berkshire mountains, provides the perfect backdrop for soaking in style. Because a plastic tub with jets would look weird in all this wilderness, Bollman chose a traditional Japanese style soaking tub from Snorkel Hot Tubs , that is made entirely from wood and stainless steel. After he ordered the hot tub to his specifications, it was ready to be built with the help of his friend Ron Schulz. Here’s how they did it. It’s tempting to build a hot tub in a remote location, but it’s recommended to instead build close to the main house to maximize use. Make certain the surface is flat and can handle the weight of a tub full of water—and people. Space chime joists 16 inches apart running against the grain of the tub’s floorboards. Because we built the tub on top of decking boards, we set them up perpendicular to those as well. The chime joints are set with the 4-inch side on the foundation and positioned so that they will not touch the drain. Place […]


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