The Road to Change: America’s Climate Crisis 02:30 (CNN) Editor’s note: Renée Lertzman Ph.D. is a climate psychologist, researcher and strategist, focusing on individual and collective action on our climate and environmental crises. The opinions expressed in this commentary are her own. View more opinion at CNN. Thirty years ago, I sat in a darkened lecture hall listening to what was happening to our Earth because of the decisions people had made. Climate change , toxic contamination, species loss, forest fires, soil depletion: it was a litany of all the ways humans had gone very wrong. At least, that’s how it felt to me, at age 19. Human behavior was directly influencing the globe’s weather patterns. It was almost unthinkable. Apparently, it was so unthinkable for those around me — that people were literally not thinking about it. Hole in Arctic’s ozone layer might be its largest ever 01:09 Meanwhile, my world was turned upside down, forcing me to reassess almost everything — how I traveled, what I ate, wore, what I drank out of, slept in, even put on my face — surprisingly intimate things. It also made me think about who I was in the world, and […]


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