Submitted By : Egan Davis, Tara Moreau and Douglas Justice, UBC Botanical Garden Learning to grow food is a great way to connect to nature and to agriculture, all while spending time outdoors. With over 42 Grow Green food-plant garden designs there are plenty of options to choose from, whether you’re a beginner or an experienced green thumb. Below are some important factors to consider when growing food in containers. Growing Food in Small Spaces: Container Considerations Food gardens come in many sizes. With only a few exceptions, most food plants can be grown in containers. It is important to understand that growing plants in containers is fundamentally different than growing plants in terrestrial soil. For example, the walls and bottoms of containers are sealed and this affects the movement of water, air and roots, and generally requires that potting mixes have a higher air-filled porosity (i.e., more air space wiyhin the soil) in order to supply adequate oxygen to the roots. Potting mixes are also less chemically and biologically stable than natural soil, so plants are more prone to health issues associated with nutrition and disease. So, yes, most plants can be grown in containers if you understand […]


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