I have frequently written about the benefits of electric motorcycles and how they can play a large role in saving our cities from pollution and congestion. But as beneficial as they are, there are two major factors holding back large scale electric motorcycle adoption: high sticker prices and a general fear/skittishness of motorcycles. That’s why I believe that smaller, urban electric motorcycles like the CSC City Slicker are such an interesting part of the market. They offer the approachability of an electric bicycle or scooter but with high enough speed and power to actually serve as a true city/suburban commuter vehicle. Oh yea, and they’re ridiculously affordable. The 2020 CSC City Slicker is priced at $2,495 . Tack on around $400 in assorted dealer fees for documentation, assembly, inspection, transportation, etc., and you’ve got a fully functional electric motorcycle for under $3,000. Of course “fully-functional” doesn’t mean it’s going to be giving Zero Motorcycles a run for their money anytime soon. The City Slicker, as you may have guessed from the name, is not a highway-optimized vehicle. It’s meant for the city and suburbs, which is where it excels . The speed tops out at around 46 mph, though […]


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