An Enormous Carbon Storehouse Scientists measure the amount of carbon in peatlands by using a special shovel that removes a sample called a core. From the core, they can measure how much carbon is stored in the soil. The largest peatland complexes are found in remote northern regions of Canada. The boreal forest (outlined in green) stretches across northern Canada and is one of the areas with the highest ecological integrity in the world. The Hudson Bay Lowlands are primarily located in Ontario, spanning west to Manitoba and east to Qu é bec. They contain a significant amount of Canada’s peatlands and lie within the traditional territories of many First Nations (black dots on map). The Hudson and James Bay lowlands are home to the Mushkegowuk First Nations nestled along the Western coast of the James and Hudson Bay. The Omushkegowuk have navigated the rivers, wetlands, and marine regions since time immemorial. The Hudson Bay Lowlands are home to a great variety of of life, including many nationally and globally rare plants and lichens. Species of national conservation concern include caribou, wolverine, polar bear, lake sturgeon, red knot, and Hudsonian godwit. The coastal marshes on the James Bay coast […]


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