This is a modal window. An unanticipated problem was encountered, check back soon and try again As humans sit in quarantine waiting out the spread of the coronavirus animals are busy reclaiming the world. That includes turtles in Florida , lions in South Africa , and now flamingos in Mumbai. As Science Times explained, flamingos have long migrated to Mumbai for feeding and breeding season between November and May. However, residents are now reporting a population boom in the gorgeous pink birds likely due to the availability of space as more and more humans remain at home. Science News noted the Bombay Natural History Society’s (BNHS) new report that estimates the flamingo migration population this year is 25 percent higher than last year. According to the group, some 150,000 flamingos have made the epic journey to Mumbai to feed while humans are on lockdown. “A major reason for the large numbers is also the large flocks of juveniles moving to these sites, following the successful breeding documented two years ago,” Deepak Apte, director of BNHS, told the Hindustan Times . “Additionally, the lockdown is giving these birds peace for roosting, no disturbance in their attempt to obtain food, and […]


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