© @brettchulada / Twenty20 In celebration of Earth Day, April 22, here are some of our favorite quotes about the distinctly profound nature of Mother Nature herself. On the 50th anniversary of the planet’s big day, the world is on lockdown and there will be neither parties nor parades in Earth’s honor. And you know what? Mother Nature is doing a happy dance nonetheless. A pandemic is obviously devastating for humans, but pollution has plummeted and wildlife is enjoying the freedom to roam in places long off limits. Mother Nature’s like, "this is the best Earth Day ever." But just because we can’t got out and sing our praises for the planet doesn’t mean we shouldn’t celebrate at home . TreeHugger has long echoed the cliche that every day is Earth Day, but we really take it to heart. So to help bang the drum for our favorite planet, here is a selection of some our favorite quotes on all things Mother Nature. On simplicity and pace Ralph Waldo Emerson : "Adopt the pace of nature. Her secret is patience." Lao Tzu : "Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished." Isaac Newton : "Nature is pleased with simplicity." […]


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