Are you interested in creating a perfect lawn around your property? Well, there are so many things to consider. Countless people create yards for their family time or memorable moments with neighbors. However, other humans want to welcome little species to their lawns. It is high time to change the concept of a perfect lawn. Countless studies reveal that bees are presently at risk of extinction, and humans must make efforts to create a favorable environment for them. As a result, people are now making efforts to develop lawns with foraging opportunities for bees. The bee-friendly lawns have a perfect mixture of turf grasses and low-growing flowering. They are planted creatively and maintained with standard procedures. Therefore, they have a pleasing aesthetic appearance, and the environmental purpose is successful. 547Bees are vital to a healthy ecosystem. Why Humans Need Bees? As per a recent study published in Nature Communications, just 2% of species of wild bees can contribute to around 80% of the pollination crop visits on the global level. It means that if only a small percentage of these bees disappear, it will likely cause significant losses to the agricultural system. Reports reveal that the growth of 70 […]


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