The Surprising Climate Change Benefits of Coronavirus Just like that, the entire world has experienced change in its daily routine due to the Coronavirus pandemic, and the need to reduce or stop travel for the sake of global health. From new strict hand washing regimens to cancelled events or having to work from home, this is without a doubt affecting everything in our daily lives – including our carbon footprint. In fact the environment might just be the only beneficiary of this scary social distancing scenario we are all part of. Let’s take a look at how Coronavirus is affecting the environment. Working From Home Means Fewer Carbon Emissions Now more than ever companies are realizing that their business can stay afloat by allowing their employees to work from home in order to keep everyone safe and healthy. A major plus to working from home is that it is good for the environment! Decreasing carbon emissions alone from the daily commute significantly improves air quality. According to The Climate Group , working from home has the potential to reduce over 300 MILLION tonnes of carbon emissions per year. Not to mention all the other awesome benefits such as work/life […]


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