ECSA supports EU Comission President Ursula von der Leyen’s Green Deal but says its goals can only be acheived through safeguarding the martime sector European Community Shipowners’ Association (ECSA) reiterated its support of the European Green Deal but called for more protection for the EU shipping industry to help mitigate the coronavirus pandemic’s impact ECSA said the small and medium enterprises that comprise the greater part of the shipping industry will need the support of national governments and the EU to address long-term repercussions from the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Shipping is responsible for 76% of the EU’s external freight trade and 32% of its internal transport of goods; European shipowners own 39.5% of the world shipping fleet. ECSA said that substantial EU and national funding is the key to reaching the Green Deal’s stated goals. The association added that, in the current situation, it will “not be realistic to assume that the industry is able to play its part, despite its full commitment to the cause, without first ensuring that companies can and must make a full recovery”. ECSA President Mr Claes Berglund said the European Green Deal cannot be allowed to fail, “due to the inability of our […]


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