Philippe Kavafyan: "wind energy can drive sustainable economic recovery and flatten the curve of CO2 emissions" MHI Vestas Offshore Wind chief executive Philippe Kavafyan says he sees stimulus packages to address the economic crisis from the coronavirus and Europe’s Green Deal as mutually complementary. Together, he says, they represent an opportunity for the wind industry to reinforce its role in the energy transition In a webinar organised by WindEurope with Alfonso Faubel, onshore wind chief executive at Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy, Mr Kavafyan, who leads one of the world’s leading manufacturers of offshore wind turbines, said he hoped the industry could influence the political debate to reinforce wind energy’s central role in power generation, its ability to create jobs, drive sustainable growth and help decarbonise heavy industries. “There is a worldwide crisis taking place right now because of Covid-19,” Mr Kavafyan said, “but we know there is another crisis taking place too. That crisis is climate change.” Mr Kavafyan said he hoped that once the health crisis caused by Covid-19 has been addressed, that governments can address the climate crisis, using stimulus measures to fund sustainable solutions to revive economies and ‘flatten the curve’ of CO 2 emissions from […]


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