In 2021, a cove off of Canada’s east coast along the Nova Scotian shore will be home to North America’s first whale sanctuary. The Whale Sanctuary Project, from the USA, will be working with a local community in Sherbrooke, and the Municipality of the District of St Mary’s on the project’s development. The project still requires some provincial and federal permits. However, if all goes well, the $12- to $15-million project should be up and running next year as planned. The discharged orcas and belugas, eight whales in total, will be brought to the region permanently where these cetaceans can retire from captivity. They have entertained hundreds of thousands of humans at the expense of their own mental and physical health. Finally, these entertainers will be free in their natural habitat, and not in an aquarium. A concept image of the whale sanctuary planned for Nova Scotia’s Eastern shore. Image Courtesy of the The Whale Sanctuary Project The sanctuary area will be netted off for the whales in an open bay, and still sheltered from the Atlantic storms. The sheltered area is around 100 acres water – about a fifth the size of Monaco – with depths reaching 15 […]


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