Swiss construction firm Liebherr recently announced an all-electric first for heavy-duty construction sites. Meet the ETM — a five-axle semi truck mixer based on the new 670 HP all-electric Volvo FM . It’s the first mixer that’s 100% electric, and 100% awesome. First, let’s talk about what it means for the new Liebherr to be “100% electric.” On conventional cement mixers, the truck itself — the semi that “carries” the mixer — is powered by a diesel engine. That seems fairly obvious, now that I type it out. The part that might not be obvious, though, is that there’s sometimes a second combustion engine spinning the drum. And, while Liebherr has offered an electric drum drive model, this is the first time an electric mixer drum drive has been mated to a fully electric truck chassis. Got all that? Because, honestly, I barely understand how the conventional hydraulic drums work. The electric ones, meanwhile, seem pretty straightforward. Electrons spin the thing, the thing mixes the stuff, the stuff comes out. I get it. Thankfully, Liebherr explains some of the benefits of electrification like the experts that they are, writing that, “For the first time, both the truck and the […]


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