Samsung and Dezeen have teamed up to launch a global contest seeking innovative designs for the home that can be made by repurposing cardboard packaging. The Samsung Out of the Box Competition challenges contestants to design household objects that can be built from repurposed cardboard at home. Open for entries until 29 May 2020, the contest is free to enter for anyone over the age of 18 and features prize money totalling $20,000. Click here for more information about how to enter, including the brief and entry rules. The competition is inspired by Samsung’s Eco-Packaging, which was named an honouree at this year’s CES Innovation Awards. The packaging is part of Samsung’s ongoing efforts to make its business more sustainable, which it set out in a report last year , by making its components and manufacturing more environmentally friendly, and reducing greenhouse emissions and other waste. Competition inspired by Samsung’s Eco-Packaging Electronics companies use thick, corrugated cardboard boxes for shipping in order to properly protect the goods inside. These boxes often end up as waste, as the size and weight of the cardboard boxes means they are difficult to recycle in an average home, which contributes to around 90 […]


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