Brockwell Park, pictured before the pandemic, was closed on Sunday This week, readers are debating whether closing parks is necessary in the fight against coronavirus. Sun downers : readers are divided after architects used social media to argue against threats to close London’s parks . One critic described the measure, aimed at controlling the coronavirus pandemic, as "collective punishment". "Parks should be open because British people can’t stay inside in 20c temperatures? Open a window and get a life," responded JMFM . "Soon enough you’ll be back, roasting in your lovely parks. No one’s taking away your freedom, just asking for common sense." Red By Choice disagreed : "50 hectares – well that’s 500,000 square metres, just shy of 600,000 square yards. So if there were 3,000 people there, that’s around 20 square yards per person. Not exactly overcrowding." "Of course parks shouldn’t be closed, but they should be used responsibly," said Alfred Hitchcock . "3,000 people gathering together in Brockwell Park cannot be described as behaving responsibly! It’s fine to go for a walk for an hour, as long as you keep your distance from others. It’s not fine to spend a full afternoon sunbathing or having a […]


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