© Bee’s Wrap Got leftovers? Learn about these green, plastic-free alternatives for food storage so you’ll never need Ziplocs, Tupperware, or plastic wrap again. While doing kitchen cleanup, it’s common to reach for a stash of Tupperware or other plastic containers, Ziploc bags, and plastic wrap to deal with leftover food. While these materials work, they’re not great from an environmental standpoint. Plastic wrap and bags cannot be recycled, ending up in the trash and, eventually, the ground or ocean. Containers are known to leach hormone-disrupting chemicals into food. A better solution is to move away from plastic altogether and find alternative ways to store leftovers. Glass jars: Wide-mouth glass jars get a lot of love in my home. They are indefinitely reusable, easy to clean and sterilize, good for refrigeration and freezing, and see-through for better monitoring of what needs to get eaten soon. Store cooked food or unused ingredients. Perfect for leftover soups. Glass containers: You can buy glass storage containers that stack together in the fridge and limit wasted space. It is possible to find glass containers with stainless steel lids, such as this one sold by Life Without Plastic. Bowls: For food that won’t be […]


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