Yamaha and Gogoro have both proven to be powerful forces in the light electric vehicle industry. Gogoro has a line of highly successful scooters based on their battery-swapping technology, and Yamaha just rolled their four latest electric bicycle models into shops in the US . Now the two companies have announced that they will be joining forces on swappable-battery electric scooters, leveraging the strengths of both players. The two companies made the joint announcement today, detailing a study they are undertaking towards initial collaboration in the EV market in Taiwan, where electric scooter sales have skyrocketed. Gogoro’s home-town advantage in Taiwan has helped them become a powerhouse and secure a large portion of the local electric scooter market, especially compared to larger rivals . Yamaha’s own history in motorsports has positioned the company as a storied brand that is recognized around the world. The two companies hope to take advantage of their combined strengths to develop and market a new electric scooter designed by Yamaha and based on much of Gogoro’s technology, with branding and marketing largely handled by Yamaha. According to Takuya Kinoshita, Yamaha Motor Company’s Chief General Manager of Motorcycle Business Operations: “This collaboration with Gogoro in […]


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