Commuters on a train in Singapore on Monday 17 February 2020, some wearing disposable surgical masks as a protection measure against the Coronavirus. Image: Eco-Business As people all over Asia scramble to protect themselves from the spreading Covid-19 coronavirus by panic-buying surgical face masks, antiseptic wipes and other medical disposables, how can their consumption patterns be changed in a way that best protects the planet? The first method could be for consumers to opt for masks that they can use again, rather than buy the disposable surgical variety. Surgical masks have gone out of stock in supermarkets and pharmacies all over the world , while desperate consumers searching online for masks have reported incidences of profiteering and scams . Singapore-based sustainable wearables brand Mama’s Little Koalas has been busy making washable cloth masks for children from locally sourced fabric, and is struggling to keep up with demand. The brand’s masks contain a similar waterproof material found in surgical masks to limit water droplets from the sick making contact with the wearer, as well as droplets from those infected from escaping, and an elastic band to hold them in place. Reuseable face masks for children made from locally sourced fabric […]


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