Case 580 EV, the first electric backhoe loader in the construction sector. Credit: CASE Although the introduction of electric vehicles in the industrial and agricultural fields is more complicated than in cars due to the high energy requirements of heavy machinery, some manufacturers do not hesitate to take the first steps towards such electrification. CASE, the construction equipment company, has recently introduced Project Zeus, the all-new CASE 580 EV all-electric backhoe loader. The CASE 580 EV offers similar power and performance to its diesel-engine counterpart but with lower operating and maintenance costs, zero emissions , and significantly quieter operation. While every application will be different based on its workload, it is estimated that the 580 EV could save fleets as much as 90% in annual vehicle service and maintenance costs over an equivalent machine with a diesel engine. The CASE 580 EV is powered by a 480 V, 90 kWh capacity lithium-ion battery, which adds 590 kilograms of weight to the package and allows the vehicle to operate for 8 hours. The battery powers the transmission and hydraulic motors separately, resulting in hydraulic starting powers equal to diesel-powered models, but with improved performance during simultaneous charger and transmission operation. […]


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