Globally, we’re living through something right now that most of us never imagined. Is it possible to maintain our family footprint projects and take lighter steps during this global crisis? Coronavirus has brought restrictions and shortages, and necessary changes to our usual routines. In these stressful times, it might be easier to abandon our efforts to reduce our carbon footprint. While I always advocate being kind to yourself, I believe we can continue as best we can. We can continue to move toward our goals to reduce less waste, reduce our resource consumption and tread more lightly on the Earth. Our actions may have to be a little more imperfect than otherwise but it is imperfect action nonetheless. For anyone who is concerned about the environment, seeing the retrogressive steps that have been necessary is distressing. Reusable coffee cups have been banned. There will be more pre-packaged produce at the farmer’s market. But we accept the necessity of these measures and take heart that they will only be necessary during the current crisis. However, what positives can we take from all this and what is it still possible to do within our family footprint projects? Image by Oldmermaid from […]


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