Originally published at ILSR.org This week marks a milestone for the Local Energy Rules podcast: 100 episodes. Although the times are grim and uncertain, we hope you take refuge in these visions of a cleaner, more equitable future. For our 100th episode of the Local Energy Rules podcast, we compiled a highlight reel from the Voices of 100% series. This episode celebrates five cities that are working toward our vision: community-driven, equitable, 100% renewable energy economies. As the movement grows, there will only be more voices to share. Listen to the full episode and explore more resources, below — including a transcript and summary of the conversation. Climate Goals for All Utility Types The Voices of 100% series has featured 18 cities from 16 states. Each city differs in its size, density, and utility type. Although these differences may affect their goals and the timelines by which they are able to achieve them, any city can aspire to provide 100% renewable energy — regardless of how much local control it has over a utility. In the second episode of the series (and first of this podcast), Farrell interviews Larry Atencio, a City Council Member of Pueblo, Colo. Pueblo gets […]


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