Need to cool down a room without turning on the AC? Here’s how a few simple changes to your home can help you beat the summer heat It’s a hot summer night and a heatwave is in full effect. Temperatures have reached an insane degree, turning your home into a sauna. The muggy, humid air drains you of your energy, leaving you sluggish and fatigued. You’d get some sleep if it wasn’t for the oppressive heat making you sweat so bad that you stick to the sheets. Desperate, you need a way to cool down a room and fast. Sure, the most obvious solution is to crank up the air conditioning, but on this particular night, that’s just not an option. Maybe you’ve been unfortunate enough to have your AC unit pack up on you at the worst possible time of year and as is so often the case- there’s a lengthy waiting period before the repair company can make it out to you. Or perhaps your reasons for seeking an alternative to air conditioning has more to do with the impact your unit has on both your bank balance and the environment at large. Make no mistake about […]


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