Currently, 7.6 billion people produce 2 billion tonnes of waste annually. A found 91% of plastic in the world doesn’t get recycled, and around 79% is kept on landfills or other places of the environment. If these rates don’t change, around 12,000 metric tons of plastic waste will crowd our planet by 2050. Based on this information, we might need 1.67 of Earths to continue our living if nothing has changed. By the way, the Americans represent only 5% of the world’s population, but as a nation, we produce about 30% of the world’s trash. Our society doesn’t see a problem in throwing things out when they break or stop working. The modern lifestyle concentrates our attention on consuming that’s why zero-waste living may seem something unusual. The idea of consumerism makes us forget about something that is really important. We spend whole days working hard and don’t pay attention to people we love. The conception of the zero waste is to achieve a lifecycle that no garbage is sent to incinerator or landfill and reduce environmental footprint. Lifestyle without trash doesn’t mean poor living without things you really need. It is more about a conscious approach to consuming. […]


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