© Utility Refill and Reuse Fed up with the disposable culture we all live in, two women from Portland, Oregon, founded a low-waste company to help the entire city cut back on plastic. When I think of where most of the single-use plastic is lurking in my home, the kitchen and the bathroom are high on the list of notable offenders. I’ve cut way back on online shopping, buy secondhand when I can, don’t purchase meat, and am researching how to compost dog poop in my backyard, but keeping my dishes clean and my sweaters fur-free is tough without dishwashing liquid or lint rollers. Even though there’s bulk sections in most major grocery stores and a myriad of online retailers selling sustainable products, I would love a zero-waste store in my hometown of New Orleans — an easily accessible place where I can bring my jars and reusable grocery bags to stock up on such staples as dish soap, laundry powder, shampoo, beeswax wraps, and more. Unfortunately, New Orleans isn’t there (yet), but more and more sustainably-minded businesses are popping up around the country. I recently reached out to the founders of Portland’s first zero-waste pop-up shop, Utility Refill […]


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