0 Regenerative no-till farming. Biodynamic farming. Permaculture. These Earth-saving farming techniques—once considered fringe agricultural movements for overly hopeful individuals, a.k.a. hippies—are now seeing a rapid rise in popularity. Not surprisingly, cannabis farmers are at the forefront of this “new” wave of eco-savvy farming, together with some of the world’s top coffee and wine producers. This makes sense, as terroir—a term traditionally used to describe all aspects of a grapevine’s environment—is a crucial factor in shaping the unique characteristics that a particular grape genetic will express, and the same goes for coffee, cannabis, and many other agricultural products over which humans obsess. Taking care of the environment as a long-term asset is perhaps more obviously a wise choice for such competitive niche agricultural sectors than for growers of, say, cucumbers or broccoli. This is why these sectors provide a unique opportunity for farmers to test regenerative-farming models for large-scale projects, providing irrefutable proof of concept necessary to change the minds of policymakers so that we can initiate a global transformation in farming culture. But are we still in time? Modern large-scale farming techniques have up to now been one of the most destructive forces against nature on this planet, but […]


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