Newron Motors EV-1. Newron Motors French motorcycle company Newron Motors announced a new design for a wooden, electric motorcycle. The EV-1 charges fully in about 40 minutes and can go from 0-62 mph in three seconds. The motorcycle is now available to preorder. Visit Business Insider’s homepage for more stories . Electric-powered vehicles are everywhere, from cars to yachts , and now motorcycles are in on sustainability, too. French company Newron Motors announced it is taking orders for a wooden electric motorcycle that has been called steampunk. After the prototype debuted last year, it wasn’t clear if the company would ever actually create the EV-1. Other electric motorcycles are on the market, but this one has a unique look. The EV-1 is now available for preorder, although Newron has only committed to making 12 so far. Here’s a closer look at the motorcycle. The EV-1 is built around the large central battery pack. < Newron Motors EV-1. Newron Motors > Besides being a necessary part of the motorcycle, the battery pack is also highlighted in the design that leaves it exposed. < Newron Motors EV-1. Newron Motors > Designed for speed and sustainability, the wheels have ultra-light carbon rims […]


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