Did you know there’s a mushroom which consumes plastic? Whereas organizations such as The Ocean Cleanup are dedicated to cleaning plastic out of oceans and rivers, nature has proven to us there are other ways to be rid of plastic pollution. It’s called the Pestalotiopsis microspore . It is a rare fungus which was discovered several years ago, inside the Amazonian rainforests of Ecuador. It has the ability to consume polyurethane, the essential ingredient in plastic products, and convert it into organic matter. Even better is that Pestalotiopsis microspore does not need oxygen to survive. This would make it perfect for feeding on and clearing up landfills. What’s even better still is that this fungus can fulfill more than one purpose. Designers Katharina Unger and Julia Kaisinger, along with scientists at Utrecht University, have modified the original Pestalotiopsis microspore to create something entirely new. Known as the Fungi Mutarium , this prototype creates a unique, edible fungal food product. It uses mushroom-esque pods of Ajar, which is a seaweed-based gelatin, and the pods act as a nutrient base for the fungus. The pods are then filled with plastic and covered up. The fungus eventually devours the plastic, along with […]


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