© Sergey Chumakov Sales of bar soap had been sadly slipping, but now shoppers are wising up to its many benefits. It wasn’t all that long ago that I was lamenting the sad slippery slope of bar soap . I concluded that the demise of the humble soap bar was about misguided fear (of germs) and the unfortunate convenience of liquid soap (and all its wasteful plastic packing). "As we are continually proving our preference for things we can throw away instead of having to actually clean," I wrote, "we are, in the end, making a much bigger mess." Between 2014-15, sales of bar soap fell 2.2 percent compared to an overall market growth of 2.7 percent. But now, following decades of decline, bar soap appears to be back in the game. Sales of bar soap have climbed by nearly 3 percent over the past year, according to data research by Kantar Worldpanel. And sales of bar soap grew faster than both liquid soaps and shower products over the period. “For the first time this century,” Kantar Worldpanel’s strategic insight director, Tim Nancholas, said, “barred soap is making a return.” Seriously, this really is cause for celebration. Sometimes shifts […]


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