Trees are typically cut and scaled to construct houses and buildings. However, in other areas of the world, living trees are used to build cathedrals and abodes for prayer. An Italian artist, named Giuliano Mauri, had a vision of such architecture that consisted of a building and a natural landscape entwined together. He thought such it would be more elegant to build these materials as one, instead of tearing one down, to reconstruct another. Image courtesy of Santino From 2001-2002, Mauri initiated the laying of the foundations for the sentient tree cathedral, in Valsugana Italy. Sadly, before the temple was finished, Mauri passed away in 2009. However, shortly after his passing in 2010, his well-designed creation came to life. One day, the trees will grow up and together, form a vaulted canopy ceiling made entirely of tree branches and leaves. Known as “Cattedrale Vegetale” (Tree Cathedral), this masterpiece living Cathedral is located at the base of Mount Arera, near the outskirts of Bergamo. Image courtesy of Virtual Sacred Space Although the construction of the Cathedral was completed ten years ago, it is apparent there is much development and tree growth required. In these images, you can observe the framework […]


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