Tufted titmouse (Photo by Jocelyn Anderson, Wikimedia Commons) While many of the birds included are not native to Canada (but may be present as farm animals, pets or invasive species), it is still enriching to listen to birds from around the globe. Some examples of native Canadian birds on the infographic are American crow, American robin, black-capped chickadee, horned owl and pileated woodpecker. To learn more about the natural ranges of these birds, check out eBird . If you are a budding birding enthusiast, a pollinator-friendly gardener, a child eager to learn about birds, a hiker, camper, a free spirit, an animal lover, or just anyone longing for spring, then you should check out this infographic that celebrates 50 bird species and the sounds they make! To experience the interactive version, go here , where you willl find lovely illustrations, helpful mnemonics, and maps that illustrate the regions each bird is found in. Related content Partial graphic of 50 bird species and the sounds they make. Courtesy of AAA State of Play (Click on the image to see the full graphic) Celebrating the sounds of spring One of the most delightful heralds of spring is birdsong. Migratory songbirds, such […]


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