Getting outside is one way to relieve the stress of social distancing Chances are, you’re starting to get a little cabin fever.* Bars and restaurants in many cities and states are closed, sports have been cancelled, and some local governments are ordering residents to shelter in place. There are only so many programs you can binge watch or hours you can bear reading, and your news feed is full of frightening headlines. If you’ve got kids, the close quarters are probably making the household a little maddening. Here’s a suggestion: For an antidote to isolation, get out into nature. You don’t have to go all that far. Find some way to make a trip to your nearest woodlot, creek, regional open space area, seashore, or hillside. Take the dog for a walk. Sit in your backyard or garden. As long as you’re able to do so in a way that meets the recommendations for social distancing , figure out how to get outside however you can. This pandemic has made it feel like the world has turned awry on its axis. The instincts we’ve learned in other crises are poorly matched to this moment. In the midst of natural […]


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