Hello and welcome to another edition of The Green and Blue! If you enjoy this digital journal, please share it with anyone and everyone! Also, to make sure you don’t miss a single edition, sign-up to receive every journal in your email. There are very few good things to come from this coronavirus outbreak. People are dying or getting severely ill, employees are losing jobs or pay, and global economies are crumbling. But, as the videos are people singing from their balconies in Italy have shown us, there can be light in a dark time. One piece of good news that has resulted from country-wide shut ins, is a drop in air pollution. China is now able to see blue skies — although Vice reported that may change as environmental rules will be relaxed to allow reopened factories to get back up to speed. To the southwest, second hardest hit Italy is also closed down, leading to crystal clear canals in Venice, which is usually overrun with tourists this time of year. In Milan, JJ Martin, the founder of La DoubleJ’s, is also trying to see the positive about the closure of the city and how it impacts her […]


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