There is no single solution to combat climate change. From climate-friendly diets and improved education to electric vehicles and forests, all available means are needed, with many of them interconnected. Image: Vegasita via Needpix The tools needed to avert runaway climate change are available, established and economically feasible today. All that is needed is more aggressive action from policymakers, businesses and communities to deploy them at scale, new research published on Tuesday has found. With existing technology and solutions to cut emissions, support carbon sinks and improve society, the world could ensure greenhouse gas levels in the atmosphere peak and begin declining by as early as the mid-2040s. This would halt global heating within two decades after carbon concentrations peak, keeping it well below two degrees Celsius, reads the study , by American climate mitigation research organisation Project Drawdown. Financial savings from climate solutions far outweigh the costs of inaction, shows the report, which analyses the economic and physical feasibility of available climate-saving tools and practices. Already today, climate disasters lead to crop failures and displace communities , while air pollution causes health problems that kill seven million people a year. The tools we need are here, today, and […]


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