Australian business Seabin has turned to equity crowdfunding to scale its technology which automatically filters seawater. Started by two Australians Pete Ceglinski and Andrew Thurton, the business has raised $1.2 million and counting from around 1000 small investors The Seabin clips on to marinas and ports, with all of its current units filtering 500 million litres of seawater each day. It makes sense that two guys who spent much of their lives in the ocean would want to clean it up. Together, Peter Ceglinski and Andrew Thurton came up with Seabin , a device that automatically filters seawater from microplastics, oil and rubbish, from the big blue. “I was fortunate enough to grow up near the water and I think surfing instilled a respect for the ocean and the environment,” Ceglinski, who spent his childhood in far north New South Wales, told Business Insider Australia. “It was only when I left Australia that I really started to understand the plastic problem in our oceans.” After studying industrial design, Ceglinski spent years consulting on how to design, manufacture, commercialise, and engineer products. Feeling “disillusioned” with making disposable and overcomplicated kettles and toasters, however, he left in search of a change. […]


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