A lukay straw made from coconut leaves. The world has been declared to be in a global crisis due to plastic pollution. Each human needs to remove his or her carbon footprint and replace it with a bio-degradable one. In small corners of the world, humans are making changes, to remove their plastic imprints from our battered green earth. A cafe owner in the Philippines is utilizing decomposable straws made of coconut leaves as a substitute to single-use plastic straws. The coconut straw is referred to as a “lukay” straw. Lukay is the term used by locals for palm leaves or coconut fronds, and buko is the coconut juice. The manager, Sarah Tiu, of Café Editha in Siargao Island in the Philippines, adopted the lukay drinking straw idea to eliminate plastic waste in her restaurant. The owner of the café stated she was enthusiastic about the idea. She was inspired, after observing how the coconut leaves were made into drinking straws, during a family trip to Corregidor Island. Sarah, with practice and dedication, learned how to master the skill of making the lukay straw. Sarah and her nephew also made a “how to” demonstration video, to educate and to […]


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