Finnish children’s activewear brand Reima has released its 100% recyclable children’s jacket. The stylish and sustainable outerwear is crafted from recycled polyester and comes with a tracking code for users to follow the product’s journey throughout its recycling and reuse. Even better, when you register to track the jacket, Reima will donate to organizations that help clean toxic blue-green algae from the Baltic Sea. The brand, founded in Finland in 1944, is tailored toward giving children the wearable tools they need to enjoy the great outdoors safely and sustainably. The Voyager joins Reima’s eco-minded collection featuring non-toxic, waterproof finishes and sustainable materials such as recycled polyester from plastic bottles, bamboo viscose and organic cotton . Each jacket comes with a traceable ID, and for each ID that is registered, Reima donates $11 to the Finland’s John Nurminen Foundation. “Another child reusing the Voyager jacket will save as much CO2 as it would take to produce a new garment,” said Shahriare Mahmood, R&D and sustainability director at Reima. “The high-quality and classic design of the Voyager jacket ensures it has enough value to be resold and reused by several children. We want to make an ecosystem with a true circular […]


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