CC BY-NC 2.0 vikapproved A new partnership with iFixit offers step-by-step instructions for fixing damaged gear. Patagonia sets the bar high when it comes to making clothes last as long possible. The outdoor gear retailer not only resells its own used clothes through its Worn Wear program, but also hosts repair events around the world, where people can bring their favorite Patagonia items to get fixed by professionals. Now the company is outsourcing some of that repair work to owners themselves. It has partnered with iFixit to offer a series of online sewing tutorials that will help people make basic repairs. A press release says , "Patagonia customers can learn basic sewing techniques like sewing a button or how to thread a sewing machine, while product guides across a variety of categories like outerwear and luggage help with even more advanced repairs like replacing zippers on jackets or handles on bags and leather goods." Patagonia has also published a lengthy Product Care Guide on iFixit that includes detailed instructions for laundering rain jackets and reapplying DWR, removing stains, and caring for the wide range of fabrics and materials that the company uses. A quick read-through reveals that it’s written […]


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