Germany is a global leader in wind and solar power, but air pollution throughout the country has gotten so bad that the European Union just threatened the country with massive fines if the life-threatening situation wasn’t rapidly addressed, according to the Independent . Rather than fight the decree, the German government announced earlier this week a bold new plan to clean up the atmosphere: free public transit. In a letter to the European Commission, government ministers laid out their plan. Take Action: Stand Up for the Arctic “We are considering public transport free of charge in order to reduce the number of private cars,” the letter says. “Effectively fighting air pollution without any further unnecessary delays is of the highest priority for Germany,” they added. The European Commission called out several other countries, including Spain, France, and Italy, for having excessive nitrogen dioxide and fine particles in the atmosphere, according to the Guardian . Severe pollution causes 400,000 premature deaths and leads to $24.7 billion in health care costs each year across Europe . Read More: Air Pollution Is Killing 6.5 Million People Each Year The rebuke represents a surprising shift for Germany from global champion in the fight […]


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