As water refill stations become more common, consumer habits of carrying reusable bottles haven’t necessarily kept up. That’s why FloWater, a company that makes refill stations, is now beginning to offer a new type of aluminum reusable bottle next to its equipment—for roughly the same cost as premium bottled water sold in single-use plastic. “It’s a gateway,” says FloWater CEO Rich Razgaitis of the new bottle, which is made from aluminum and designed to retail for $2 or $3. It can be reused as many as 20 times before it’s recycled. “It’s not the end solution. It’s to help provide a pathway for people who are in the habit of buying single-use to buy something that they can reuse multiple times.” The company has around 5,000 refill stations in the U.S. at locations like gyms, schools, hotels, and retail stores, which all typically provide the water as a free amenity for guests. (In the case of retail stores, Razgaitis says that the refill stations help draw more customers inside and increase sales of other products.) The equipment connects to local tap water supplies, but runs the water through a series of filters to remove lead, microplastics, the “forever chemical” […]


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