Climate-related disasters are on the rise, and carbon emissions are soaring . Parents today face the unprecedented challenge of raising children somehow prepared for a planetary emergency that may last their lifetimes. Few guidebooks are on the shelves for this one, yet, but experts do have advice. And in a bit of happy news, it includes strategies already widely recognized as good for kids. First, consider that a child born today enters a world growing progressively hotter, where recent weather extremes have displaced tens of millions of people. Scientists say displacement may swell into the hundreds of millions in the years ahead, as the rapid melting of glaciers now underway drives sea levels upward. The resulting migrations will likely trigger conflict, hunger, and political instability. As we already see in the children pressed against the U.S.-Mexico border, many of them fleeing drought in Central America , migrations may also lead to hardened borders and xenophobic or racist impulses. All this causes military analysts to call climate change a " threat multiplier " that can exacerbate existing social problems. Parents today must brace kids for both the direct physical impacts of climate change and the humanitarian crises they will trigger, […]


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