The EU has announced its New Circular Economy Action Plan that’s all about creating a “climate-neutral, competitive economy of empowered consumers,” and the right to repair legislation plays big part in that. As reported last year , the EU’s right to repair rules apply to everything from smartphones to home appliances like dishwashers, fridges, and washing machines, and will come into effect from 2021. The new standards mean that appliance manufacturers will have to make spare parts available to independent repair shops for up to a decade. It also stipulates that all of the parts have to be accessible without the need for speciality tools. The Circular Economy Action Plan forms an integral part of the European Green Deal and aims to ‘decouple’ economic growth from resource use. The European Commission’s press release states that a circular economy “reduces pressure on natural resources, and is a precondition for achieving the climate-neutrality target by 2050 and halting biodiversity loss.” If the bill passes, sustainable products will be the norm in the EU, and will be deigned to last longer, be easier to repair, reuse, and recycle, and will be made from as much recycled materials as possible. Consumers will be […]


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