© Roza Janusz The virtues of going plastic-free are well-known, with a growing number of governments , supermarkets and ordinary people adopting plastic-free alternatives, including developing new kinds of packaging altogether. Looking to create compostable packaging with natural materials, Polish designer Roza Janusz has developed Scoby, which is grown through the same fermentation process that eventually creates kombucha, a fizzy, fermented tea drink that has quite a few health benefits . Using a symbiotic "mother" culture of bacteria and yeast (acronym SCOBY — hence the project’s name), these pieces of biodegradable and edible packaging can be used to store dry and semi-dry foods like seeds, nuts, herbs and salad. By wrapping foods in Scoby, it prolongs the time food can be stored, while leaving behind a membrane that can be either returned to the earth or eaten along with the food. As Janusz tells Dezeen : Packaging production will no longer litter the environment but enrich it. The material is compostable and nutritious to our gut or the soil because of its healthy bacteria. It is a product of fermentation and has a low pH, which prevents food from wasting. To create the translucent packaging, Janusz grows it in […]


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