© prAna – Brandie & Lockwood sweaters shown on models This reduces demand on animals, diverts waste, and minimizes environmental impact. On cold winter days, I stay warm by putting on a wool sweater. Given the choice between cotton hoodies and fleece zip-ups, I find myself always gravitating toward wool when the temperature outside has plunged below zero because I know it offers the coziest, most comfortable form of warmth. Wool is an ancient material that people have used for centuries to keep themselves warm, but recently it has faced backlash from animal rights activists who are concerned about the way in which sheep are kept, treated, and shorn for their coats. This has contributed to a surge in synthetic insulating layers, which have their own environmental issues, primarily the shedding of plastic microfibers into waterways which, ironically, cause harm to marine animals. There’s no easy answer to the question of what to wear to keep oneself warm, but I deal with it by doing one of two things. Either I buy my wool sweaters second-hand, which prolongs their life, spares them from landfill, and reduces demand for virgin product (they’re also much cheaper); or I choose recycled wool […]


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