Corporate food giant Kellogg’s is moving to import all of their palm oil from sustainable sources before 2025—and it’s all thanks to the work of two young English sisters who were moved to help endangered orangutans. 12-year-old Asha Fitzpatrick and her 10-year-old sister Jia stopped eating Kellogg’s cereals and petitioned the firm to improve its palm oil policy after watching a documentary about orphaned orangutans. Despite its humble beginnings, their petition has since racked up more than 780,000 signatures. Not only that, it caught the eye of Kellogg’s chiefs who invited the determined sisters to a meeting. The sisters first met the firm’s executives in 2018 to discuss possible changes to where they source their palm oil. The clear-cutting in forests to make way for new palm crops have been blamed for devastating the orangutans’ natural habitat. RELATED : 11-Year-old Crocheting Prodigy is Raising Thousands of Dollars for Orphans–One Stitch at a Time Since then, impressed Kellogg’s bosses have pledged to appoint “trusted NGOs” (or nonprofits) to oversee the firm’s planned switch to segregated palm oil—a more sustainable form of the ingredient widely used in food and cosmetics. Alison Last, a spokeswoman for Kellogg’s, said: “In February 2020, Kellogg […]


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